There are plenty of sports to choose from these days and many of these falls into the category of outdoor or extreme sports, these sports are typically rock climbing, kayaking and other similar activities. They don’t have a set uniform or sports kit like a game of football or swimming but there are still certain¬† clothing items that are beneficial to wear when doing these sports to ensure you are safe and protected but also afford you the freedom of movement you’ll need to do some of these sports.

Rock climbing is one popular total sports apparel outdoor sport and can require different clothing depending on when and where you are doing your climbing, many people will do rock climbing in the winter or in colder environments so making sure you wear clothing that can retain warmth will be important to make sure your body remains in peak condition, when your body gets too cold you may shiver or have difficulties with muscles performing such as hoisting yourself up.

Wearing base layer clothing items can help keep your body warm but wearing hoodies or insulating jackets that still allow your arms to move unhindered can help too. In the summer many rock climbers may prefer to wear less to keep cool and with little protection from the sun as you scale the rocks you may still need some lightweight clothing that isn’t going to weigh you down such as t-shirts and shorts.

These are also suitable for other outdoor sports such as mountain biking and kayaking where you won’t want to wear clothing that is too heavy or restrictive to your body’s movements. There are plenty of outdoor clothing specialists around to buy from and these clothing items are often made of organic or fair trade materials which is something many people who are interested in outdoor sports sports apparel and activities are concerned with.

This is possibly down to many people doing these activities are familiar with the natural beauty of the outdoors and so want to purchase clothing that is made using ethical processes that not only benefit the environment but also the workforce that have sourced the materials and made the clothing we buy. This is where fair trade clothing comes in as the fair trade movement has sought to ensure that all workers associated with the clothing industry receive fair treatment and payment for their work.

These clothing items are becoming more and more prevalent such as most cotton based clothing items being made from fair trade sourced cotton to help workers and their communities. With such a large market such as the outdoor clothing industry championing these efforts then it is hoped that clothing workers who have up to now been treated unfairly will now receive the treatment their hard work deserves.

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