What Does God Say? What Are Dreams?

Sleep accomplishes much more than resting the physical body. The spirit within us never sleeps – we are sparks off the Divine Flame, does God ever sleep? No, and neither do the Angels. Our spirit inhabits our bodies like electrical wiring in a house. And while we sleep, no lights may be turned on, but that does not mean the current isn’t active. Dreams are often remembrances of the rich and wonderful spiritual life that we accomplish while our physical body sleeps. There are seven main categories that dreams fall into, and most of them achieve fantastic work.

(1). Night School: Called a school because there are many participants with you in a classroom setting, this is a time of being taught a lesson and then trying it out for yourself. These are often choices not between right and wrong, but about good and greater good. After the teacher shows the variables of the lesson, the student is then placed into a scenario in which they can apply what they have learned and see for themselves what works. Similar to a test pilot using new skills in a simulator. Although very few people remember the classroom part of their dreams, many people do remember the scenarios.

(2). Guidance for others: This is where we get to actively use what we have learned at night school in real life situations. This is where most of our remembered dreams come from. When our body sleeps, our spirit is not in it, but is tethered by what is often termed an umbilical or silver cord. It is there until we die, and is the same one seen by near-death experiencers. During this time, we get to act as guides for others who are awake. Not all guides are still attached to physical bodies, some have died and are assigned specific people to help, similar to a guardian Angel. Compassion is a very big incentive in bringing out our best effort; so often God will choose for us to see our loved ones in these situations instead of the people that are really there.

For example: I had a dream where my teenage daughter had become pregnant and had run away from home. She was seen living under a bridge with other homeless people, so I got in our station wagon with our family dog and her grandpa and a friend, and went to bring her home. When I opened the car door, the dog ran up and found my daughter. She was afraid, but I carefully pulled her hair out of her eyes and she looked up and smiled, and said yes to coming home. I then awoke with a start, not knowing if this was a prophetic dream of things to come or not, so I asked in prayer, and was given the answer. I was actually helping find a black girl who was a pregnant runaway, a family abuse situation. The station wagon was a police car; the dog was a police dog. Yes the girl was afraid, and I was helping a social worker to calm her down, wiping the hair from her eyes, saying comforting words, and giving the worker inside information as to what was going on in the girl’s life and additional compassion to help her choose the best way to help. The girl gained confidence that she would not be sent back to her abusive family and went with the social worker. Often in these dreams we feel like we are really there because we are.

Remember that while in spirit you will experience everything as a spirit does. You can fly, go through things, objects and light looks different, you can’t see distance the same, you can’t stare at your feet, time is not important, you can see other spirits, ghosts, Angels, unHoly Angels, etc. These dreams may find us in different countries, or even in different times, as God decides where to utilize us and time does not move just in a linear fashion; by ripple effect this changes the future or present time. In these dreams we may also help with storms or wildfires, or any number of things with the planet or its animals. And even though we feel is it happening to us, we are there helping others. If you remember to look in a mirror while in these dreams, you will see it is not you. Also, not all outcomes will be good, people will still die, or end up in poor situations. This is because you are not there in place of the free will of the person you are helping, but only to assist them with a subconscious awareness of opportunities and choices.

The combined experiences of real life and night school qualify us to be there to help, and you were sent by Divine direction to do this. This also means that you have your guardian Angel with you, and are directly wired to greater help which will be there instantly if the thought crosses your mind that you need it. This means Holy Angels are called to help you and the situation.

(3). Items from the stream of consciousness: Request personal prophecy Living on earth encases us in a vibratory soup of subatomic particles – we are intrinsically linked together, every part of us resonating with everything else. But the connection goes even further than that; we emotionally feel subtle and tremendous inflections in our very soul. It is that same place that mystics have been saying throughout time, that “we are all One.” It is that same connection that we have with one another at all times, it makes no difference whether we are asleep or awake. When we are just about to sleep, or just coming out of it, there are opportunities to be very conscious of this stream, and to literally see it in front of our eyes; sometimes like sheets of rain in a storm, or big and little dots layered together. It is like a newsreel that runs day and night, with all information from all over the world on thousands of TV sets. All with their volume up and playing out the most dramatic and emotional scenes – which means the biggest bad things, and the best good things.

Why do we have this in us? The same reason we are called to help in guiding dreams – to make a difference in the world. The stream of consciousness is a place of awareness for us, and connection to God and one another. It is not technically a dream, but we may think it is when we are half-way in between awake and asleep; we see many situations and very quickly move between them. Remember that when we see things that are not the way they should be our desire to make it better helps it to do just that. There are children born who work in this picture-within-a-picture all the time, and depending on how big the picture of the stream is, decides how much they can function in the “real” world versus the one they are actively participating each moment. What we consider day-dreams can come from here too

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