Types Of New Born Wigs

New Born is a trusted name in the wig manufacturing industry. They produce quality hairpieces in all sorts of styles, cuts and colors. Their products are guaranteed to be tough, durable and reliable. They use the finest materials in their fabrication process; only real human hair and high-end Japanese synthetic fibers are acceptable.

The company specializes in producing accessories designed specifically for African American women. People with darker complexion and unique facial features look best with specific styles and hair colors. New Born’s wigs are meant to highlight the natural elegance and beauty braided wigs of the African American woman through their bold and innovative designs. They offer both lace wigs, which are meant to be glued down, and free wigs, which can be freely moved and held in place by hidden fasteners. The latter tends to be much more popular than the former.

Though the individual styles available are legion, there are three broad categories that all models fall under. They are divided both by price and the wig’s application technique.

Full type New Born free wigs cover the person’s entire head. Combs and clips on the thing’s underside attach to the wearer’s scalp. The cap is meant to be elastic and stretchy so that there’s room for the person’s real hair underneath. Lace varieties first need to have the bottom cut into the shape of the woman’s individual hairline before use. Only then can it be securely attached with fast-drying waterproof glue.

There are also New Born free wigs that come in half the size of the normal variety. These models only cover the back of the person’s head. Styles that favor this type of accessory have the wearer’s own hair swept back from the forehead, allowing the wig to meld with the cascade of natural tresses at the rear. It provides body and volume at a cheaper price than a full-type model.

New Born free wigs are also available as weaves and braids. These are individual sections of hair that can be independently attached to specific sections of the person’s scalp. Also called hair extensions, this product allows hairdressers to have a much more surgical approach to styling and beautifying their clients.


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