Menopause – Knowing About the Symptoms of Menopause

Generally, menopause can be defined as the end of a woman’s monthly menstrual periods. This stage of change normally starts around the age of 45 to 50 due to the progressive reduce in the levels of hormone estrogen and concludes around the age of 55. The beginning of the menopausal stage is called perimenopause and the stage after menopause is known as post menopause.

Menopause normally used to be viewed as the starting of the old age. And nowadays, most of women in the developed countries can expect to live more than a third of their lives after the menopausal stage. The menopause symptoms that caused by the fluctuations in the estrogen levels can cause symptoms such as vaginal dryness, difficulty concentrating, weight gain, night sweats and hot flashes. As some women may experience few or no symptoms of menopause, others experience severe symptoms of menopause which cause them extreme unpleasant.

Before a woman go through menopause, her body’s hormones will protect her from developing heart disease. However with the onset of menopause, that protection is lost. By about the age of 55, the die of women due to heart disease will be approximately the same rate as men. In addition menopause will also affect a woman’s life expectancy and life quality.

The symptoms of menopause such as the gradual loss of bone mass which most women may experience at the age of 30’s is drastically accelerated during menopause. A menopausal woman may lose about 10 to 20 percent of her bone mass with a slower hut still significant loss thereafter. And, osteoporosis or the bone thinning will increase the risk of fractures that can cause pain and disability.

Fortunately, there are many ways to relief the Symptoms of menopause, such as consuming the supplements which are effective for treating common menopause-related mental health problems. Studies have proven that most of the supplements which available in the market can significantly improved the condition of women suffering symptoms of psychological distress and mild depression. Just search on internet or visit to our website to get more information about the supplements that can relief the symptoms of menopause.

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