Love can happen anywhere and anytime in a person’s life. In fact there is no known boundary or obstacle that could hold back a romantic relationship regardless of the situation. This includes long distance romance which has grown by leaps over the past few decades. Thanks to the emergence of online dating and social networking sites, falling in love over the internet is as easy as the offline world in the recent years. Fueled by the fact that more and more people is turning to the internet for the purpose of finding love online, we can see an exponential increase in romance formed over the distance. However this phenomenon has its toll on the distance couples who are not prepared to be in a long distance romance. Over the years, many long distance couples who fall in love via the internet often asked whether they are able to have a lasting relationship especially when their partner is from different geographical location. As a result many long distance couples were stuck in a situation where they cannot move forward or backward in the relationship.

The answer to this question really depends on yourself because you have direct control over the relationship regardless of its status. Just like a normal relationship, you should have an idea on how far you want to proceed in the relationship the moment you start it. Everything else including responsibilities and efforts you put in later are base on this idea alone. For example if you know that you have found your Mr. Right, would you put the utmost effort to make sure that the relationship work? Of course you would and the same principle applies to distance romance because its’ success really depend on the couple who drives it.

Throughout our work on distance relationship, we have seen both ends of the scale and the results depend only on one trait, how you treat the relationship right from the beginning. Your distance romance will eventually fail if either you or your partner treats it badly and worse if either one of you do not have confidence in it. On the other hand, if your long distance romance is fueled by confidence and desire to success, then you should have no problem in having a fruitful relationship.

Long distance relationships are no different than any other relationships apart from the distance. As long as you know how to bridge the distance, having a lasting and fruitful distance relationship is not a problem at all. Bridging the distance here means you do not allow the distance to come in between your relationship and prevent you from exerting your responsibility as a relationship couple. Distance sometimes is just a barrier that you have in mind and you must remove this barrier if you want to have a lasting long distance romance. In addition to that you must also treat the distance relationship with highest respect and care just like a normal ordinary relationship if it is important to you.

Another element you need to have in building a long distance romance is to have confidence in it right from the beginning. You must not start a distance relationship without having confidence in it because confidence will always makes a difference in the relationship. As such if you do not have any confidence towards a distance romance, our advice is to wait until you gain the necessary confidence before proceeding further. It is sometimes alright to wait rather than wasting your time trying to build a relationship which you do have confidence in and quit later. best sex positions

Lastly a long distance romance can only work if both the distance couples are willing to work towards it. This mean both the partner is willing to put their time and effort in making the relationship work. There is no point committing into a relationship when only one partner is putting effort on it. So the question to whether will long distance romance last really depends on how the couples see and work on it. In fact our advice for you is to continue to work on the basic if you were to ask this question because you are simply not ready yet. This question will no longer be applicable once you are ready and have confidence that the distance relationship would work regardless of the circumstances.