Katie Price has launched a range of swimwear which although not aimed primarily at the large chested female, shows that you can feel proud with your size. Her figure is a classic Upturned Triangle, or top heavy shape, and she shows how she can make the most of her figure. Her chest size is 32G, which is much bigger than the average girl.

Some woman who have buxom figures feel uncomfortable with their size when it comes to choosing a swimwear outfit. They may have what is felt to be an enviable shape by the majority of other people, but they can feel uncomfortable with the attention they receive. This leads them to choose beachwear that may be unflattering for them. Katie Price has shown that a fashionable range of swimwear can be worn by larger chested woman, and you too can feel comfortable with your shape.

In usual circumstances, I would advise woman who have larger than size B cups to go with cup sized, so as to gain better support. Cup sized is essential if you want to swim as flimsy fabric will not hold its shape when wet, and can sag causing embarrassing incidents. Katie Price’s range includes under wired bikinis which are well made to provide you with added extra support, and shape to the bra even when wet – whilst also looking fashionable.

Individual styling, exclusive to¬†Katie’s Boutique range of swimwear¬†include:

* Purple Chain
* Coral Frill
* Tie Front Zebra
* Multi Strip Ring Front
* Purple Stripe Animal
* Tie Front Zebra

In the range, there are also a good selection of Kaftans, and beach dresses, which are very colourful, and stylish. These make a great addition to your Beachwear Swimwear outfit. Beach dresses are a great way to cover up whilst walking to the beach cafe. Over wear can be essential in some beach areas where bikinis are looked on disapprovingly, or even banned. Having a beachwear matching set is definitely a must.

This new range of modern swimwear is proving to be very popular, as they are individual in their design, and well made. Katie has got a great eye for detail, and a good head for business, as this collection fits a category that has not been provided for very well in the past.

Katie Price was once known as Jordan when she made her name initially as a topless model, but has successfully made the transition from the stereotypical bimbo, and is known more for being a proud mother, and business woman these days. Her label has the name Katie’s Boutique, and also includes underwear.

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