Kardashians Clothing – Why We Should Be Imitating Their Success

Kardashians clothing is just one of several ways the famous family is attempting to cash in on their still relatively recent celebrity rise. While some may argue that the sisters have no right to be famous and that we should not be paying any attention to them at all, I argue quite the contrary. The example the young ladies set both in their commitment to their fashions and their efforts to capitalize on their celebrity status are both fashion and economic models other young people would be wise to follow.

Kardashians Clothing – A Study in Self Promotion and Promotion of Self That headline might just be the most confusing paragraph title you have ever read but consider it carefully. The girls of the Kardashian family have made a living out of their desire to have a Fig particular high-end fashion lifestyle. The media has long taken notice of the daughters of the late Robert Kardashian. Someone along the way had the good sense to teach the young women how to present themselves to the media.

Taking Lessons from the Bright Glare of the OJ Simpson Trial It probably was not lost on the trio how ridiculously absurd the media can be, how starved the industry can be for something – literally anything to write about. The very presence of glamour, fashion, and tabloid magazines at what should have been a very serious event (a.k.a. a murder trial) can not have possibly been missed by the immediate families of all involved. In particular, it would stand to reason that the more societal magazines would have paid much more attention to the dress and styles of the key players and their families.

The three Kardashian sisters could not have been at a more impressionable age during the trial – two of the girls around 16 years old and the youngest not quite a teenager. From the opening moments of the circus the three girls were witnesses to it all. Recall that the whole media fiasco started with the infamous Bronco chase which began at their house. OJ’s defense team without question had to have media consultants advising the team and families what to wear, how to carry themselves, what to say (and not say). The Kardashians clothing choice would be scrutinized given their father’s constant proximity to OJ (he sat next to OJ throughout the trial).

Turning a Media Circus into a Little Economic Engine That Could There are those in the print and electronic media who are jealous of the sisters – and I can see some reason for that. Everywhere you look you see Kardashians clothing, perfume, photographs, interviews and more. But who are we to be jealous really? Our society and media made them and didn’t shy away from any opportunity to cash in on their exploits. Why then should any of us be jealous about their economic efforts and success?

Girls Take Note: Kardashians Clothing, Style, and Opportunism Should be Imitated Girls who chose styles similar to any Kardashians clothing pieces have nothing to be ashamed of. Imitating success is one of the best ways to achieve it. Looking good, understanding how to create and maintain an image, and being a little bit opportunistic has served more than one media-made celebrity. After all, its hard to argue with the economic output of Kardashians clothing store, last known to be moving close to $100K per day (Source: TMZ.com, 11/29/10)

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