How to Start a Bead Business

Making necklaces, rings, bracelets, and anklets from various materials such as wood and shell beads is a really fun hobby; but it will be more fun if you will be able to make money by selling the accessories you made with the accessories you’ve just made. Then again, selling beaded jewelry is already very common. So, you might not make enough money if you sell items like these. Fortunately, you can make handmade beads and earn extra money by selling them. Your handmade wood beads and shell beads will sell well if you just know how to do business properly. So, how can you start your business?

Well, the first thing you need to do is to gather all materials. If you are going to make wood beads and shell beads, obviously, you will need to have some wood pieces and shells. Make sure that your materials are of the finest quality. Customers will not buy your shell beads again if they are not long-lasting. You can use exotic wood pieces such as ebony, purpleheart, Koa wood rings wenge, zircote, reheart, pau amarello, rosewood, lacewood, and tulipwood; but you can still make use of the more common wood types like elk, oak, and maple. Then again, the exotic wood pieces are better because they have beautiful, natural colors. If you carve and cut them into wood beads, your customers will surely be delighted.

On the other hand, when it comes to making shell beads, you have to make sure that the shells you have do not break easily. You can opt to purchase the shells in craft stores; but you can also pick up shells on the seashore. Most shell beads sold nowadays are made from oyster shells; but you can use any kind of shell that you want. Actually, the more variety of shells you have, the more bead designs you will have. After you have gathered all materials, you can start cutting and carving. Then, you have to clean and polish the beads, especially the wood beads. You may even use varnish for your wood beads.

Furthermore, you have to pack the wood beads and shell beads. Put them in separate containers so they will not get lost. Make sure that you allot a specific space for each of your beads. Do not combine the wood beads with the shell beads. This is to organize the beads and avoid confusion on your part. You can also organize the beads according to shape, size, color, and design. If you want to sell bead kits, you need to purchase little zip-lock bags as well as wires and pendants to go with the beads; but if your beads are for wholesale only, it is best if you will place them in durable bead boxes.

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