Embracing the True Power of the Prophetic

Whenever a manufacturer gets his engineers to work on a project, he always has an agenda or a purpose for the car or product in mind. Lets use cars for example. Some cars were just designed to be mean and tough, and handle the hard yakka. These are cars designed for rugged terrain, the muddy areas, mountaneous areas etc. I don’t have to use names, straight away, I know in your mind, images are forming of a high powered car with a winch and which is ready to handle any ‘trouble’.

Then we have other cars, these from the outset are designed to reflect, the stature, class, and pure pleasure that was oscillating in the heart of the designers or manufacturers. It will be abuse to restrain a car designed for rugged terrain, to restrain it from those areas and only allow such a car to be on smooth roads only. Either the buyer didn’t really understand the true use of the car, by virtue of under utilisation its some form of abuse. Same as using a classy, stylish and roadster of a car in rugged terrain. This will see the car quickly malfunction in many areas, because it was designed to reflect the pure glory and splendour of its designer or manufacturer. To fully master the full capacity of the car, that will require to talk to the engineers and let them explain the full intent of the designers. Yes I know a manual can help, but there is something about hearing the designers or engineers explain the unexplainable to you.

The whole essence of the prophetic is to go to the original mind of God. When God created humanity, he had an agenda, then we move to the specifics, when He created you, He had an agenda in mind. It doesn’t matter where you are now, and what you have been through. However, when you go back to the original mind of God for your life or for any city, place or group of people, that brings you to the person’s or group of people’s prophetic destiny. I know that word, prophetic, is a word often abused by many because some out of greed and some out of ignorance have perverted the true power of the prophetic. This is both the prophetic anointing and the prophetic office. The office is run by a resident person who is often known as a Prophet, they maybe operating in a church or sometimes they have branched out to form their own ministry but still run the ministry with a heavy prophetic base.

So the essence of the prophetic anointing or ministry is to reveal the original mind of God, not only that but to reveal whats on the horizon and also where a detour has occurred and what caused it and most importantly, how do we go back on track. Some of the missing key elements in the 21st century include the correction part, you will find many people would like to have their ears tickled and cant handle the correction part, so many prophets unfortunately act accordingly, only give people what they want to hear, the church is happy the pastors or whoever is running the meeting happy and he or she gets an invite for next time!

So the choice is now upon modern day believers to either sideline the Request prophetic word ministry and anointing, or fully embrace it. Either will have consequences, having said that. The prophetic anointing is relevant and is not confined to the Prophetic Office. This means any true worshipper can flow with the Prophetic anointing and sing songs that are on target for that meeting. Same as Intercessors, they can flow with the prophetic anointing and intercede for what is urgent or what is on God’s heart and agenda that day of the meeting. This is different from people meeting each week interceeding for the same things, day in day out. Without feedback as to what Yahweh is saying about any particular issue that has been interceeded for.

Its time to bring back the full nature and the sheer power of the prophetic. No matter where you are and what you did or didn’t do, heaven or God has something to say about you today. Not only that but He had something in mind, when He unleashed you on the earth realm. May you find it, if you haven’t already.

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