Constructing Easy Overhead Garage Storage

No homeowner starts out with the intention of having a messy garage, but somehow, most garages end up a collection of clutter and chaos. While you still need to have room for your car, finding room for all your stuff is equally as important. When wall space is at a premium and there is just no more room for standing shelves, instead of giving up on garage storage, look up and overhead. There are some easy-to-construct overhead garage storage options that can take your garage from cluttered chaos to organized and neat.

Bicycle Racks
Bicycles are a great thing to have, but they take up so much room. If you keep your bicycle in the garage, you may find that pulling the car in and out of the space is more hazardous to your paint job than you could ever imagine. Instead of scraping up your doors and the sides of your car on the bike handles and pedals, get the bike off the ground and into the air. There are specially designed overhead bicycle storage hooks that allow you to hang your bike from the garage’s ceiling. Ideally, the best place to hang the bikes is along the room’s perimeter. If you try to hang the bike in the middle of the garage, you may end up scratching the roof of your car and not being able to reach your bike. Bike specialty stores, as well as online retailers carry a selection of utility hooks.

If your garage has a high ceiling, you can install boards across the rafters to create a platform where items can be stored. If this area is particularly high, you may Travel Car Ceiling Storage Net want to also install pull down stairs that will provide easy access. The benefit to this type of storage is that it can be as big of an area as the square footage of the garage floor itself. If you have a lot of items that need to be stored and organized, this may be the easiest way to do that. Once the floor has been created for this second story storage area, you can add shelves and organization systems to the space. Even if your garage ceiling is low, you can still add shelf storage along the rafters to store things like the artificial Christmas tree and other items that are only used once a year.

Consider a netting storage option like a giant hammock for your garage ceiling. While it keeps the items contained and does not swing as easily as its hammock counterpart, it is made of the same, netting type material. This is a great way to store balls and sports equipment. You can attach the netting directly to the ceiling overhead or you can install hooks that will allow you to hang netted bags. This is the least expensive way to add significant storage to your garage, but it is also the most visually cluttering. If you are striving for a very organized uncluttered look, netting is probably not going to be your best choice.

Overhead garage storage gives new life to a space that is often underutilized. Look to the ceiling the next time you are trying to control the clutter in your home’s garage.

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