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To add a slider go to Theme Options -> Homepage and choose page slider. The slider will use the page title, excerpt and featured image for the slides.

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Fumigating Your Home:

Termite infestation is a homeowner’s nightmare. Whether it is ants, mice, fleas, or roaches, these pests wreck havoc in our houses, messing with our daily routines. They carry viruses and bacteria that lead to communicable diseases. They get into our stored food grains, and nibble away at our furniture. Fumigating your house to get rid

Cómo conseguir viajes aéreos baratos hoy

Con el costo del combustible subiendo cada día, también lo hace el costo de los viajes. Me refiero a las líneas aéreas por las que eran conocidas sus tarifas aéreas de bajo costo ya no existen. A medida que el precio del combustible siga aumentando, también lo hará el costo de los viajes. Entonces, en

Austin Apartments For Sale

Real estate in Austin is booming for several reasons, including the good investment return, easy finance options like liberal mortgage underwriting and lower interest rates, enhanced tax benefits, greater builder incentives, and a wide variety of good homes. The economy in Austin is also booming, attracting heavy business especially in the areas of technology. Beautiful


男士有許多不同的髮型,但短髮型比中等長度和更長的髮型更受歡迎。很多時候,一個男人的髮型可以讓你了解他自己以及他希望世界如何看待他。 短髮可以很有趣,時尚而獨特,被稱為男士的經典髮型。與女性一樣,如果與正確的臉型相匹配,就會有一些特定的短髮型看起來不錯。 嗡嗡聲髮型是幾十年來一直受到男性歡迎的髮型。這種剪裁距離禿頂僅一步之遙,因為它是一種非常接近的髮型。這傳統上是與軍隊相關的削減。嗡嗡聲有幾種不同的樣式,因為你可以有褪色的嗡嗡聲,甚至是帶有劉海的嗡嗡聲。 凱撒切割有一個筆直的水平邊緣。如果您需要任何照片,請查看 Julius Caesar,因為這是他的髮型。另一種有趣且不尋常的男士髮型是人造鷹。與獲得真正的莫霍克不同,人造鷹的造型使其看起來像莫霍克,您不需要剃掉頭髮的兩側。 商務男士剪裁非常傳統,是比較保守的短髮造型剪裁。顧名思義,你看起來很專業。這種髮型可以有很多變化,但剪裁的基本原理包括兩側和背部逐漸變細,頭部一側有一部分。 褪色是另一種男士短髮,有很多變化。有平頂褪色、低褪色、寺廟褪色、布魯克林褪色和費城褪色等等。這是一種錐形切割。一般來說,頭髮在背部和側面被剪得很緊,然後向上逐漸變細。

Online Mafia Games – Mafia MoFo and Bulletproof

Playing online Mafia games can be a good way to past time. There are many different Mafia games available on the Internet. They can either be standalone games, or hosted on a social community platform such as MySpace or Facebook. Two very popular Mafia games in MySpace are Bulletproof and Mafia Wars. The general concept

Die besten Geschäfte in New York City, um eine tolle Tasse Kaffee zu bekommen

Noch vor wenigen Jahren war New York City eher für den Kaffee in Billigrestaurants oder Bäckereien bekannt als für Kaffeespezialitäten. Aber leider tauchten inmitten einer großen Rezession, während Starbucks Standorte links und rechts schloss, Boutique-Cafés mit erfahrenen Baristas in der ganzen Stadt auf. Dieser Trend hält weiterhin stark an, wobei häufig neue Orte eröffnet werden.

Stress Free Tuning or Your Cello, Viola or Violin

Many people are reluctant to try and tune their cello, viola or violin. There are two main reasons given for this reluctance. The first reason given is an uncertainty on obtaining the correct pitch. The second reason is a fear of popping a string. This article will try to address both concerns. Basics: What notes